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Cute Little Cottage has taken off her white hat of snow. Her green roof now matches the new sprouts just poking their heads through the newly thawed ground. She drops her necklace of icy crystals and they glisten as they land at her feet. Her yellow dress with its green trim blends in with the daffodil, forsythia, and new grass. Like a grandmother’s apron pockets, her deck fills up with flowerpots, the huge rockers and the table and chairs. Soon the Hummingbird feeders will hang from her eves like Rudy earrings. She knows well that raccoon that stopped by earlier to peak in her door just to see who‘s new. During the summer he’ll bring his family around to maybe catch a bite to eat! Momma squirrel strolled down her deck rail, not too fast, as she is very round this time of year. The Does bring their new Spotted Fawns to graze while we rock on her deck. We breathe the air perfumed by blooming flowers and watch the wild things in their world.

HERE’S A Detailed Look Inside The Cottage:
Out-Door Great-Room  The Living Area  The Kitchen The Dining Cottage Garden Bedroom TheBass-room Coin Harvey Bedroom Entertainment Shelves

TAKE A Quick Look Inside The Cabin:
Every detail in Cute Little Cottage Vacation Rental was chosen with an eye to your needs and to what will make you comfortable.  All you need to bring are your groceries and your bags, because everything else is here, waiting for you.  This little cabin is ready for you to choose how to spend your vacation.  The only limitations are enough time here to do them all or to go see them all.

Out-Door Great-Room
Outdoor Great Room
Cute Little Cottage Out Door Great Room… The Perfect Location to Be On Beaver Lake In Rogers AR
Living Area
Beaver Lake cabin living inside
Beaver Lake cabin living area, come on inside! It’s all here… comfort, quiet, with HDTV, Cable, & Wifi,
The Kitchen
 Vacation rental Cabin Kitchen
Vacation Rental Cabin Kitchen… just needs food! Those in the kitchen are part of the activities
Cottage Garden Bedroom
Beaver Lake Vacation Rental Cottage Garden Bedroom
Beaver Lake Vacation Rental Cottage Garden Bedroom… Light… Bright… Grab a book and relax in this peaceful setting.
Coin Harvey Bedroom
 Coin Harvey Bedroom in the Beaver Lake Cabin
Coin Harvey Bedroom in the back of the Beaver Lake Cabin. Escape to the serenity of this quaint decor… the perfect spot for a stolen nap!
Beaver Lake Vacation Rental Bass-Room. I hope you enjoy the whimsical play on words! A bathroom perfect for a Beaver Lake cabin!

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