Living Area

… So Cozy and Bright!
Come on in and make yourself at home.

You’ll find that staying at the cottage is like sinking down into your favorite chair.  This is a place to close your eyes and retreat back into yourself.  It’s just the place to snuggle up on the sofas with the ones you love.

If you choose to cocoon and simply claim some down time, this cottage is the perfect retreat for you.

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Make some popcorn, watch your favorite DVD or catch an old movie on cable… you’ll enjoy the flat screen HDTV above the fireplace.

Bring your laptop and do a little high-speed surfing while relaxing at the lake, choose WIFI or Ethernet

Steal a quick nap or grab a book off the shelves in the hall.  There are a few DVDs on the shelves.  The DVD on Coin Harvey is interesting!

Grab a book, work a puzzle, or play a game. Sit in the rocker and watch the deer outside the glass doors.

The simple parts of life… for sure, but so hard to find time to do when you are at home.

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