Deer in Wildlife Habitat At Rental Cabin On Beaver Lake Arkansas

Animals Whose World I Live In

…NW Arkansas Wildlife at Vacation Rental Beaver Lake Rogers Arkansas!

4-Deer habitat2 3-Deer habitat2
1-Deer habitat2

2012 11-04 Beaver Lake Eagle

2012 11-04 Beaver Lake Eagles 101

2012 11-04 Beaver Lake Eagles 171

2012 11-04 Beaver Lake Eagles 208

2012 12-04 Beaver Lake Eagles 094

hummingbird nest
Hummingbird Nest

 Fur, Feathers, Scales and Fins  

In the wee small hours of my life, I am often privileged to become a part of the lives of the animal’s that put up with me living in their world.  These moments have happened over a period of nearly 30 years.

I only wish I had committed these moments to paper. As they come to mind … I intend to place them here, for they each were such a joy to behold!

Meet Robin… The Ruller Of The Flock

This is robin.  The extremely high temperatures and lack of rain took the lives of the rest of her clutch.   She was rescued and  I hand fed her. She came to rule my whole flock of parrots and me!.  I loved her behaviors that were so different from those of my parrots.  She played with them, ate with them and even taught them to speak “robin”.   She loved to hang out on my laptop and help me work.  She went to Wal~Mart with me  (discretely tucked away in my handbag). You see when you take on feeding a baby birds, it means feedings around the clock.  I  had to keep her with me. Sense I could not leave her in the over heated car,  she went shopping with me.  I’m just re-leaved she traveled so well and no one kicked me out of the stores.  It was a joy to take her to meet the guests that came to the cottage.  The adults loved being so close up to a bird that they see everywhere.  She was returned to the wild a couple of years ago, but I still here my parrots speaking “robin”, and it makes me miss her.  She possessed the sweetest nature, and still owns my heart.

baby robin not a wildbird


raising baby robin

Robin & Chunkie Monkie
Robin playing with Chunkie Monkie


bird tracks


The friendly snake that spent a summer around my pond.

The water turtle that came to my pond as a baby the size of a half dollar and spent several years with me…until he got big enough to eat my fish.

The rabbit from a mower rescue, that lived in a box, was bottle fed and turned loose to eat my garden…Oh well!

The deer that eat my vegetables right off my deck.

The land turtle we marked that would come up and visit me in my garden.

The huge Black snake that lived in my Nandina Bushes for many years.

The family of Fox that live in my barn.

The gray feral cat that attached herself to my husband.

The Big Bad Black German Shepard.

The little Black Puppy surprise!

The encounter with the Beaver in My Cove.

The wild birds In Oahu HI

The Fish caught in a lava rock at low tide and his returned to the ocean  on the North Shore.

Maintenance in progress. It's a new year... that means new photos are needed.

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