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Cave & Cavern Locations in NW Arkansas

When touring North West Arkansas, you will find that it is dotted with numerous cave, some you find on your own if you are into spelunking, but these listed below are safer and very interesting to see and learn about.

6386 Hwy. 21 N
Berryville, AR 72616
About seven miles north of Berryville, Arkansason State Hwy. 21 is the site of the Ozarks’ largest underground lake. They offer a one-hour guided tour through subterranean rooms and across an underground bridge; gemstone panning.
The cave has an abundance of formations (speleothems), including stalactites, stalagmites, flowstone, cave popcorn, cave bacon, and a multitude of soda straws and helictites.  One section of the cave housing a particularly spectacular group of soda straws has been dubbed “Silent Splendor.” One of the longest soda straw formations in the Ozarks, this large formation has straws hanging up to nine feet in length.

At Hurricane River Cave you’ll find stalactites, stalagmites, flowstone, draperies, soda straws, rimstone dams, cave popcorn, and columns.  The cave’s signature waterfall at the cave entrance flows twelve-hundred gallons per minute.  Wild caving tour and group rates available located in northwest Arkansas on Highway 65,halfway between Harrison and Marshall (about a half hour drive either way)

Features guided tours of two spectacular caverns, Mystic and Crystal Dome. 28 foot “pipe organ” Located on Arkansas’ Scenic 7 Byway, Eight Miles South of Harrison, Arkansas in Marble Falls

Located six miles east of Eureka Springs, AR open daily all year.  Guided by Radio headphones, you go throughthe cave, passing amazing formations of stalactites and stalagmites.  The cave has an easy access, ramps take you to the cave entrance, and a walkable trail leads you through
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Cave formation inside Onyx Cave
Onyx Cave is a small show cave located about six miles east of Eureka Springs, Arkansas. It has been a tourist attraction since 1893, making it the oldest show cave in Arkansas. It is probably also one of the most heavily damaged.The cave does not contain onyx, but a kind of flowstone called cave onyx which has a similar appearance. During the 19th century and the beginning of the 20th century many caves were named Onyx Cave, which makes it difficult to keep them apart.

Tours are not guided but are given by headsets which receive short range FM transmissions from small boxes, which alert tourists to chambers and rock formations. Since the cave has only one public opening, visitors must exit the cave the way they entered. The cave stays at an average temperature of 57 degrees Fahrenheit year round. Most of the cave is not toured.

In 1969, some scenes from the B-Movie ‘It’s Alive’ were filmed at Onyx Cave.

21494 Cavern Dr.
Rogers, AR 72756
Phone: (479) 789-2909
The caverns and ground have been left in their natural state.  Offers a 40-minute tour; gemstone panning.Located in War Eagle, off Highway 12, East of Rogers
also via water on Beaver Lake.
60 minute guided walking tours.  No stairs or tight passages, wide walkways and stroller and pet friendly. Gem panning, Lost in the Woods maze, hiking trails,  picnic and play areas. To come by your Boat… War Eagle Cavern’s boat dock is located in the last cove on theright in Devil’s Gap Inlet, south of Marker 6 go to the right as you follow the Inlet back, on the boat dock at the end of the inlet, there is a sign  “CAVERN”

Blanchard Springs Caverns
(501) 757-2211
see website:  http://www.bullshoalscaverns.com/
Fifteen miles northwest of Mountain View, off State Hwy. 14The large, spectacular upper levels of this cave were discovered as recently as 1963. The Ozark National Forest thus began a carefully planned, ten-year project to develop Blanchard Springs Caverns for tourism, and the cave remains as one of the most sensitively developed caves in the country.

Two tours are available at Blanchard Springs. The Dripstone Trail explores the Coral Room and the Cathedral Room, offering some of the more breathtaking cave scenery you’ll find anywhere. This is the less strenuous of the tours. It is wheelchair-accessible with a strong assistant. The Discovery Trail visits some of the Cathedral Room, passes by the cave’s natural entrance and artifacts left by Native Americans some 1700 years ago, then descends to the river passage at the lowermost reaches of the cave.

The surrounding Sylamore District of the OzarkNational Forest offers camping, hiking, fishing and sightseeing opportunities.

Bull Shoals Cavern
From Hwy. 62/412, take Hwy. 178 to Bull Shoals, Arkansas. Cavern is four blocks off Hwy. 178 at town center.
see website
(800) 445-7177
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