Your Wish

Sunny LewisHave you ever wished for something to make your vacation getaway easier for you?  Maybe it’s a list of things that “if someone else did these…  I would have more time to vacation!” So give me your list and I’ll see if I can work some magic for you.  This is your opportunity to tailor your vacation amenities to fit just you!


  • Stocking and shopping…your grocery list bought and put away before you get here.
  • It’S our anniversary this is what I’d like!
  • Our child is having a birthday this is the party they would like!
  • We need a special picnic set up and waiting for a surprise!
  • I’d love breakfast in bed. We would love a night out without the kids,
  • If only we had a babysitter.
  • We need..????..

What Do You Wish For?  Go ahead ask