Cute Little Cottage
Come Stay On The End Of The Horseshoe Bend Peninsula
Enjoy A Vacation With-in Two Worlds...
     Stay Be On The Lake And Just Minutes From City Life!

 The Cove At Horseshoe Bend On Beaver Lake 

Near Rogers, Arkansas 

Here's a little peek at the cove here by our property. Beaver Lake is a Corp of Engineers Lake. What that means is that they own all the shoreline on the lake. They control every aspect of this puffer strip. Any one may use it anywhere, BUT you cannot cross private property to get to the shoreline. They want the beaches to remain as natural as possible. We pick up trash and probably more than we are supposed to … it's hard to know what that is. I'm trying to smile here ... ! Their take line is on my land, there is a country lane across this. Our path goes down to the cove here. It is a pleasant walk through the trees.


Come on, do you want to go for a walk? I'd really like to show you the cove. I think we do a pretty good job of keeping it clean of trash, and still letting it be natural. The steps are earth and pinned logs to stay with the natural look and to keep them some what hidden. They walk very easily as does the "S" path.

Let's walk down the the path ...                                                             

 These are the steps off the Country Lane. Walk down and to the right. Stay between the big trees and logs on the sides of the path.
         You can match the biggest trees and the logs on the sides of the path in the photos.

It's just a short walk ... go to the left now. Step down off these "camouflaged" steps, walk either direction beside large logs, and then around the logs. These are great places to sit ... Watch the kids (or the wildlife), watch the water and the clouds ... fish a little or read your book. It's relaxing to sit here and watch the rain come in across the lake.

Winter is a wonderland at Beaver Lake. Long walks in the snow are when you see the unusual around the lake .