Cute Little Cottage
Come Stay On The End Of The Horseshoe Bend Peninsula
Enjoy A Vacation With-in Two Worlds...
     Stay Be On The Lake And Just Minutes From City Life!

Hi!  Welcome to my little corner of the world!

Glad you stopped by. I really enjoy your visits ... especially when you let me know what's on your mind. This is where we can visit, and you can get to know me. Laugh with me and give me a hug now and then because we all need more hugs.

So get a cup of coffee, sit down and rock a spell. We’ll have a nice chat!

This is Cute Little Beaver, he lives at the cottage on top the picnic basket. You'll see him around these pages from time to time. He has friends around Beaver Lake. Some stop by for an occasional visit in our cove. What he'd really like is for them to move in and make their home down at the cove ... maybe someday they will!
These are some of the pages that I'm working on adding for fun. We'll see how this goes... Cause ya know... the cottage work always comes before the website!




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