Cute Little Cottage
Come Stay On The End Of The Horseshoe Bend Peninsula
Enjoy A Vacation With-in Two Worlds...
     Stay Be On The Lake And Just Minutes From City Life!
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2.  FEES
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3.  TAX
 Required by Law
 This is refundable

  • ---> Kids are welcome and planned for!
  • ---> Pets are welcome and prepared for, with approval from owner.

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BASE RATE Without Discount $250 Night
Occupancy 6 Guests
Only Time Additional Fees Incurred
Winter Season Discounts
Summer Season Discounts
Holiday-Event Without Discount Special 
Approved occupancy 
over 6  $12 
per guest per night 
      Nov 1st -Mar 14th
      Mar 15th -Oct 31st
Minimum stay is required   (see Calendar)
Pets with approval
$80 Fee
1 night  = $250      Total w/tax  $274
        $165 per nights
2 nights = $330     Total w/tax  $361 
3 nights = $495     Total w/tax  $543
4 nights = $660     Total w/tax  $723 
1 night  $250 =       Total w/tax $ 274
     $222 per night
2 nights = $444       Total w/tax $ 486 
3 nights = $666       Total w/tax $ 729
4 nights = $888       Total w/tax $ 972
$250 per night 
3 night min. = $750  Total w/ Tax   $821
Echecks are Free
Credit Card Company's Conveinience Fee is 2.5%
        $139 per night
5 nights = $695     Total w/tax  $761
6 nights = $834     Total w/tax  $913
      $216 per night
5 nights = $1080     Total w/tax $1183 
6 nights = $1296     Total w/tax $1420 
 $250 per night 
4 night min.=$1000 Total w/Tax  $1095
No Cleaning Fee $100
No Reservation Fee $30
7 nights=$973 .........Total w/tax $1065 week
  7 nights = $198 $1386  Total w/tax $1518 week 
Does not include deposits, fees or taxes...see below.
Rates are subject to change until confirmed. 
Specials, Discounts and Offers may not be combined
Note About:                                                                                      RATES, 
The Base Nightly Rate at Cute Little Cottage is: $250 for up to 6 guests
Does not include:
  • additional guests over 6 *
  • $80 pet fees
  • 2.5% credit card processing fee (only when using your credit card)
  • $300 Security Deposit 
  • or taxes UNLESS stated "with tax"
* There is a Minimum age requirement for renting the cottage
* for over 6 Guests add $12 per guest per night up to 8 depending on ages.

Offers and discounts may not be combined
Offers and discounts may be with drawn at anytime
Pricing Errors will not be honored

FEES are not refundable
 Standard Cleaning Fee  
 $50 = $0 FREE
 Reservation Fee
 $35 = $0 FREE
 Pet Fee  1st pet (pets must be approved)
 Echecks are not charged a fee = FREE 
           $0 FREE
 Credit Card Companies charge a Processing Fee
9.5% Arkansas State Tax (this is lower than in some other areas)
Arkansas Law requires all lodging rentals under 30 days to register and collect this tax.
WARNING: If there is not a tax collected the rental may not be registered with the State.
SECURITY DEPOSIT is refundable
Arkansas Law Security Deposit must be returned with written statement within 60 days
…I try to refund these with-in 14 days
by making a reservation, you are stating that you have read and  are agreeing to: 

  • NOTE: If you are an honest person... and are NOT planning to sneak in guests additional guests over 6 or pets or disregard the Non Smoking policies...
  • this need not concern you. 
            Defrauding an Inn Keeper... Is Not Tolerated                                   this has happened at Cute Little Cottage and because it has,                                           I must bother my Great Guests with this Unpleasant Warning!
Guests or Pets NOT listed on your Reservation.
This penalty will be charged per Guests or per Pets staying at the Cottage but not listed on the Reservation 
The Cottage is
 None Smoking
A Cleaning Penalty will be charged if it is found that you smoked in the cottage.
Smoking is allowed only away from the cottage, preferably at the Fire Pits.
Please DO NOT SMOKE ON THE DECK as smoke is carried back inside the cottage.
Please do not discard cigarettes on ground.
Penalties are in addition to the normal charges for extra guests and approved pets. 
These penalties will be added to your bill and deducted from your deposit.
By Booking the cottage, you are agreeing that you will abide by these restrictions, and if you choose to ignore them, you agree pay these penalties.

by making a reservation, you are agreeing that you have also read: