Cute Little Cottage
Come Stay On The End Of The Horseshoe Bend Peninsula
Enjoy A Vacation With-in Two Worlds...
     Stay Be On The Lake And Just Minutes From City Life!


Guest Responsible For All Occupants in party :                                                                    

Date:                               Phone:                                  Emergency Contact                        

Address:                              City:                          State:                    Zip Code                   

Arrival:                          Check-In 3:00 pm    Departure:                      Check-Out 11:00 am  

Guests Occupying Cottage:         Adults       (#over  25       )        child                Pets         

Guests Paid with reservation

Guests over 6 add $12 each per night


Guest 1:

Guest 7:


Guest 2: 

Guest 8


Guest 3:

Pet 1:


Guest 4:

Pet 2:


Guest 5:

Attach Photos of______Driver’s License 


Guest 6:

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Credit Card Authorization Form

I hereby give permission to charge my credit card for the above stay. I agree that all rental monies are non-refundable per Cute Little Cottage cancellation policy. I have read my rights to purchase travel insurance. By signing below, I agree to all terms and conditions of Cute Little Cottage.

For Security a credit card is required for this rental, please provide the following information

Name on Credit card:______________________________________________________________

Credit card billing address:                                                                                                                    

City:________________________________________ State:___________ Zip Code:___________ 

Type of Credit Card: Master Card Visa  Discover 

Credit Card Number_________________________ Exp date_____________ Pin_______ on FILE


I have received Payment Details via email and have read Cute Little Cottage Rental Agreement. It is understood and agreed that by Registering at Cute Little Cottage, I (the Guest) acknowledged and consent to all terms and conditions of this agreement, on behalf of myself and those in my party. This document becomes part of the online documents at to evidence the terms of rental, as stated.