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Animals Who's World I Live In

In the wee small  hours of my life, I often am privileged to become a part of the animals that put up with me living in their world. These have happened over a period of nearly 30 years. I only wish I had committed these moments to paper.  As they come to mind ... I intend to place them here, for they each were such a joy to behold! 
The friendly snake that spent a summer around my pond.
The water turtle that came to my pond as a baby the size of a half dollar and spent  several years with me...until he got big enough to eat my fish.
The raccoon pair that came to our campfire, and had a "Mexican Stand Off" right at our feet.
The rabbit from a mower rescue, that lived in a box, was bottle fed and turned loose to eat my garden...Oh well!
The deer that eat my vegetables right off my deck.
The land turtle  we marked that would come up and visit me in my garden.
The robin that I hand fed, who came to rule the whole house hold.
The huge Black snake that lived in my Nandina Bushes for many years.
the family of Fox that live in my barn.
The gray feral cat that attached herself to my husband. 
The Big Bad Black German Shepard.
The little Black Puppy surprise!
The encounter with the Beaver in My Cove.